Our Team of experts have experience in many management solutions and environments for Macs, PC’s and Mobile Devices

Device Management

With the increase in mobility of users and the increase in demand for IT departments to provide a solution to manage the devices, several MDM solutions have gained in popularity and features. MacSeven has extensive knowledge in this area and can recommend the best product for your needs and budget.

Casper Suite

The Casper Suite is a comprehensive lifecycle management tool for OS X and iOS devices. The makers of Casper, JAMF Software’s tagline is “Helping the enterprise succeed with the Apple platform” and their tools are focused on making software and processes to help IT administrators.

The Casper Suite includes several tools to facilitate Imaging, Patch Management, Policy. MCX and Profile Management, Asset Management and much more!


Apple Profile Manager

Profile Manager is Apple’s MDM solution that supports both the OS X and iOS platforms. It allows for Profiles, Apps and Books to be deployed to enrolled devices and is a good solution for small environments.