MacSeven Consultants specialise in providing expert Apple & cross platform IT support & services to small, medium sized businesses in the UK and outsource to large enterprises and retail organisations.

Our IT services allow our clients to focus on their own business, increase productivity and save costs. Our technical and sales team have many years experience in the industry to ensure the highest level of consultancy and services are delivered.

MacSeven are fully focused on providing a personal and value added service to make our traditional service agreements the most cost effective & proactive in the service industry today.

MacSeven has an extensive portfolio. As well as applying the knowledge and experience that we have developed through working with our clients, we take time to fully understand the requirements both for the individual and the business as a whole. This allows us to offer enterprise standard solutions that are relevant to your business needs. We are happy to work alongside existing IT teams, or provide a complete & independent managed service.

Our clients feel we are the new generation in forward thinking support to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.